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The Desert Colossus :: Compendium of Hyrule :: Anju Anju

Anju is a recurring character in the Zelda series that plays many minor roles in each game. Generally she can be described as the stereotypical damsel in distress, requiring the assistance of Link to do a certain task for her, be it retrieve her Cuccos, or break the curse on her fiance.

Ocarina of Time

Anju (while not named directly) is the daughter of Mutoh and occupies her time in Kakariko Village raising Cuccos. Her other family members include Grog, her brother, and the Old Hag from the Potion Shop, her mother. Ironically, however, Anju is particularly allergic to Cucco down, and when they escape, she is incapable of retrieving them herself.

Majora's Mask

Anju is the absent-minded, over-apologizing innkeep at the Stock Pot Inn?, having taken over the job of proprieter from her dead father, Tortus?. She lives in the Inn with her Grandmother?, whom she also looks over. In the days before Link initially arrives in Termina, Anju was supposed to wed Kafei?. However, unbeknownst to her, Kafei was struck with a mysterious curse by the Skull Kid and turned into a child. Shamed, Kafei fled from Anju's sight, living behind the Curiosity Shop? at the Laundry Pool?.

Thanks to the efforts of Link, however, the curse over Kafei was broken, and Anju and her fiance promptly wed. As a token of her gratitude for Link's help, she and her new husband bestowed the Wedding Mask? upon him. As the wife of Kafei, she became the daughter-in-law of Mayor Dotour? and Madame Aroma?.

The Minish Cap

Anju reprises her role as the Cucco-keeper. Though, there are no hints of allergies this time; only a crippling bout of Damsel-in-Distress syndrome. She asks Link to help her retrieve her many Cuccos who have escaped from their pen, in a series of ever-more-difficult mini games.

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